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Pentium D motherboard compatability

I'm new to computers and i need a bit of help. I have a cpu a Pentium d 945 SL9QQ and i'm looking for a motherboard. I was thinking about getting an Intel D945PLRN but on the intel site it said its only compatible with 945 SL9QB. I was wondering if that makes any real difference and if i could still install my SL9QQ and still have both items work correctly. thanks

Intel D945PLRN
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    You are correct and for some reason that revision of the Pentium D 945 does not seem to be supported. I have no idea how you found a motherboard even more obsolete than that processor !

    Being new to computers you may not know how old and slow that Pentium D will be, but it was never a very good processor even new and that was in 2005. Basically any modern processor even those with much lower clock speeds will blow that one away. It is so old very few motherboards are still made supporting it.

    That being said if that processor is all you can afford and you have no choice but to use it in a "new" computer then try this. That processor is on the supported list for this motherboard.
  2. Ok so what your saying is that the cpu will not be compatible with the intel mobo right? also why is it so slow if it has dual core 3.4 ghz?
  3. Right, the Intel board will not work.

    It is slow because

    1) It is so old. Computing power doubles every 2 years as dictated by Moore's law. That processor is from 2005.


    2) Because even when it was new it was not a very good processor. Processor speed means little except when comparing identical models of processors. Back when that Pentium D was new it was slower than the equivalent AMD processor running at almost a Gigahertz slower.

    A modern dual core processor running at 2Ghz will run circles around that Pentium D and really no modern desktop processors are clocked that slow. Most are at 3Ghz +.

    The Pentium D was the last of the "faster clockspeed wins" mentality from Intel. Now while clockspeed matters it is all about efficiency.
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  5. ok thank you. this was very helpful I'm going to get that mobo. hopefully i'll be able to upgrade my cpu soon too.
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