Is this RAM compatible with this motherboard?

Hey everyone.

The RAM (at least to my knowledge) doesn't appear to be on the motherboards RAM support list. Does that mean it won't work? Will this RAM work with this motherboard?


Motherboard Web Page:
Motherboard RAM Support List:
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  1. Yes.

    At this point any DDR3 modules will work.
  2. amuffin said:

    At this point any DDR3 modules will work.

    Are you pretty sure? I only ask this because this RAM is going to cost me almost $50, and I can't really return it if I choose to buy it :P
  3. Its G.Skill better idea is send an email to gskill tech team and ask your question .

    go to g skill website , open ram configrator , enter your mobo and
    the page will provide you with a list of compatible ram .

    but send an email , send them complete information about ram , mobo, and processor .
    they will mail you back within 1 day .
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