MSI or EVGA? GTX 550 Ti

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  1. i go for EVGA^_^
  2. Any reasons for picking EVGA?
  3. just save some bucks and go with the 5770, 550ti is no better than the 5770 in majority of games.A respectable upgrade would be a hd 6870.
  4. you linked a 6850, not a 6870.. and the 6870 is like $60-70 more, of course its better.
  5. A GTX 460 1GB should be the same price as a GTX 550, and its stronger, a lot stronger.
  6. I recall EVGA has a lifetime warranty, so I'd pick that. MSI is more high quality in general but the warranty is only 3 years in US so practically you should choose an EVGA videocard if you want it to live forever. Unless you upgrade every 3 years then I'd suggest MSI because its more reliable quality anyway.
  7. oops :D, i listed a 6850, but its better than 550ti and is equal to a gtx 460.
  8. I have 2x MSI GTX550 ti Cyclone II OC on a SLI and I am impressed by the FPS. The performance is solid and most of times beats any GTX570, and 2x 550ti is like $240.
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