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1333 ddr3 and FSB 800 processor

I have a Intel Pentium with rated FSB of 800Mhz. Can I use a 1333 ddr3 RAM with this CPU?
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  1. Does the motherboard support it?
  2. Is the board made for ddr3 memory?

    this is the question you need to ask as the above stated, once this is so, and the memory has a 400mhz profile, you will be fine, the motherboard will downclock the memory to match the fsb, i have an e5200 lying around somewhere, if you really really want me to, i can swap it in and see what happens

    besides the fact that my memory's lowest profile is 457mhz, so it may be quite interesting...eff it, im gonna do it, im curious
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    so basically, even if your memory does not officially support the speed, your system will downclock it to match the fsb

    ^mem running at 800mhz at slightly lowered timings, all automatically done
  4. Yes, the motherboard does support ddr3.

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