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a straight forward question with some complaints about Asus service: My new Asus P8Z77-V PRO has two or 3 bended socket pins. I noticed that after installing the system as it refused to boot with more than 1 RAM stick. Asus refuses to change the socket as it the claims it's a problem caused by the user. I am petty sure that they were not bent by me but this is shall not be the object of this thread.

Changing the socket would cost 60 bucks, not a big deal. However, it would lead to 4-8 weeks delivery time. I got furious with the shop and Asus btw as I think such a long waiting time is a joke. I already had to wait 4 weeks until I got a first response in that case. Well, makes it easier to choose hardware next time, as Asus is off my radar and so is the shop. I demanded the board back, without repair as I am not willed to throw money onto Asus or to the shop for that kind of service.

So, now my question: if I try to bend those 2-3 pins back is there any risk that I could destroy my CPU? If I brake a pin its ok, as I am mentally prepared to splash out the cash for a new board (MSI maybe???)

Please advise! A new board costs 200, a board plus CPU combo is in the 500 I want to be rather sure
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  1. I had bent pins on a cpu I recently bought brand new, its not much of a big deal with bent pins. Just get a clean credit card or any type of plastic card and clean it with alcohol ( the same type to wipe thermal paste) and then run the credit card in the areas where it is bent and apply minimum force while bending the pin back straight with the card. Also just to let you know unless the pins where bent already on the cpu the motherboard is not responsible for bending it which is why ASUS had wanted to charge you. If the pin is broken and it lodged in the socket on the motherboard I guess you can try to flip the motherboard upside down and see if it comes out. If you break a pin in the process then you may need to buy a new cpu unless it was just a grounding pin (which is unlikely)
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