Considering a switch in gear

Hi everyone this is a bit more towards gaming pheriprials.

I want to know what the forum thinks on these comparisons hard to find online. really hard

Razer Mamba 4g 2012-6400dpi vs a G700 at 5700 DPI

Razer Black Widow (Stealth)(new version) vs Logitech G510

Please let me know what yall think

Any ideas of how much the new 7.1 Tiamats will be by razer?
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  1. DPI doesnt really matter as long as it goes about 1500 or so (depending on user). I personally think razer products are crap, but lets leave that opinion aside. The best advice I can give is that you try to get your hands on these items before buying.

    if i had to recommend a set without any additional information, it would be the Logitech G9x and sidewinder x4 keyboard.
  2. Sure see I honestly am a horrible gamer I find that the use of a mouse is different i just like the lighting haha
  3. 600dpi is more than plenty since your eye can't see much beyond 300dpi without magnification
  4. strange I am running daily my mouse at 4800dpi and increasing over time?
  5. doesn't mean you can see that ;) a good way to see this is with photoshop
    I never work on anything at less than 600dpi but print @ 300dpi
  6. haha but gaming on 24" dont you need high DPI?
  7. dips head
  8. See the thing about the imperator is that it looks just like the G500 ...40$ on newegg Id say nothing comes close to the mamba I just wish I had a local store that can let me sample it
    I do have to say the mechanical keyboards felt good typing really nice!

    Just not sure cause I can get the stealth for 140 (no discount) vs the regular blackwidow ult at 100$

    yeah thats why to me DPI matters a lot
  9. oh yeah quick question is it true razer products light up even when the computers off?
  10. Ah okay cause mainly right now first thigns first for me is the keyboard
    The logitech keyboard has got like some sort of jam on main keys w,e,a,s,d

    Blackwidow stealth or g510?

    Something also came up in mind. Which would you pros think would be better?
    tiamat 2.2 ,tiamat 7.1, g930?
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