Bended cpu socket mobo -> no boot?

here's my problem. I bought Asus P8Z77-V LX 3 months ago

as i was playing computer games suddenly my computer turned off. try to restart -> fail to boot.

as i press the on button, the fan turn 1/8 then the comp dies.

so I discussed with the pc shop when i bought my pc and says it could be the mobo.

so as I gave them my mobo for warranty, they found bended cpu socket and said it is my fault and RMA cost 1/2 of the price of the mobo

my questions are:

1. can the socket bend by itself when I play games? heat or something? or is it just bad luck, it is caused by 'x' reason but i accidently bend it, adding another problem? *serious i dont recall pressing the pins. i am really careful about it.

2. since the RMA itself is 1/2 of the price of the mobo, i am thinking to take chance re align back the pins. is it possible here?

Uploaded with

3. can bent pins cause mobo unable to boot? and causes the symptoms mentioned above?

FYI, question 3 is the most important.

Thanks all!
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  1. Lesson to be learnt from this incident.
    Check the Mobo CPU socket when you open the package and confirm that the pins are not defective , usually photograph the socket as soon as you get the mobo.

    No it is not possible to bend the pins (contact) by gaming. As a matter of fact the Intel processors are pinless thus even while placing the CPU on the slot there is nearly no chance of bending the pins..... unless you were to jab one of the edges into the socket.

    Yes, there have been cases of loose contacts and overvolting that have cause the pins to burn but other than that none whatsoever.

    If you're handy with very pointy tools... then yes, with little force the task at hand is easily accomplished. Though not advisable.
    But since the RMA is going to cost you such a lot, you might as well put that money into a new board and try testing your skills on this one.Once again, not advisable.

    OH YES... bent pins can cause a lot of stuff..... especially the above symptoms.... worst would be processor burn out.
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