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Aftermarket cooler for Radeon 6950

Hello all,

I currently have a Sapphire 6950 2gb and I was wondering if someone has some recommendations on an after market cooler for it. I flashed it to a 6970. I was also wondering if installation was easy and simple.

Please bear with me as this was my first PC build and any help is appreciated.

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    Most if not all after market coolers will fit reference PCBs, with that in mind it should be easy(Think CPU Heat Sink Fan) to replace the sock cooler. They should come with a VRM sink and memory sinks, which stick in place with preapplied thermal tape or pad. Just make sure you clean ram chips and vrms with Denatured Alcohol to avoid them not sticking properly and falling off!
    I like this one, it will take up 3 slots and cost you about $70 but run cool and quiet.
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