Problem adding a new graphics card (Radeon HD5570) to my Biostar GF8200E Motherb

I am having a problem adding a new graphics card (Radeon HD5570) to my Biostar GF8200E Motherboard which currently uses onboard graphics. The motherboard has one PCIE slot and whenever I add the new card I get a blank screen with the message that the monitor is in sleep mode. When I remove the card all is well. I have set the Bios up two different ways to attempt to do this:
- Seeing PCIE before onboard graphics
- Only seeing PCIE
Neither seems to work. Any advice appreciated
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  1. You probably don't have enough power for it?

    Also did you remove your old drivers?
  2. Did you remove intergrated graphics drivers before installing video card?

    Is your power supply capable of powering a graphics card?

    Did you hook up the power cable from the power supply to the video card?

    Are you plugging the monitor into the video card?

    If you have done all of these things, try pulling the cmos battery for a few minutes and them put it back in.
  3. Thanks folks. Great advice. I will try all of these. The graphics card does not come with a power connector
  4. Ahhh, I thought it said 5770, not 5570. I don't know what kind of computer you have but if it came with integrated graphics, likely the psu is not powerful enough for a graphics card.
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