Please rate my pc from 0 to 100

I use this pc for internet, watching media including 720p, playing games like call of duty, civilization v and nba 2k11, burning dvds and other things. So far it does all of these things with a 9 out of 10 in my opinion. I run into some minor graphics issues in games. This machine is not good for overclocking, I end up having to take out the cmos battery to get it to boot after ocing most of the time.

Motherboard - ECS A740GM-M - AM2+ - 8GB DDR2 800 - 1 PCI-E X16, 1 PCI-E X1, 2 PCI
CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 2.8GHZ - Deneb - 95W
Memory - 2 x 2 GB PC-6400 DDR2 - One is Transcend and I forget what the other is.
PSU - 500W Golden Field PSU
Hard Drive - ST3500418AS Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s 500GB - I have external storage as well 1.75 TB
Video Card - MSI 9600GT

Please rate my pc or suggest ways it could be improved. Thank you.:)
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  2. Somewhere between 25-30, I suppose.
  3. Yeah have to agree with DM89, if you upgrade your GPU though, it might be a different story.
  4. Actually, compared to alot of aging systems I see people using on a day to day basis (because I'm always fixing them) I'd rate this about a 60 or so. You've got a quad core and a somewhat outdated but still decent graphics card. Most folks I deal with don't even know if they HAVE a video card, much less what a good one looks like.

    I agree that I would look at a graphics update first, and save toward a system upgrade in the next year or so.

    Don't bother with AM3, start looking at AM3+. Or core i5 platform.
  5. As long as it plays your games, then it's a 100.
  6. would a gts 250 be a good upgrade? as long as it only needs one pci-e power connector im good.
  7. thank you for the replies so far.
  8. HD 6790 and above. The 6790 would be a great upgrade for you it's only $90.
  9. ok. ill keep 6790 or above in mind. as for the rest of my system , ill keep my eye out for a upgrade kit or complete diy kit on newegg or ebay. I want to go with an intel processor if i can afford it. thanks.
  10. kenbb1983 said:
    ok. ill keep 6790 or above in mind. as for the rest of my system , ill keep my eye out for a upgrade kit or complete diy kit on newegg or ebay. I want to go with an intel processor if i can afford it. thanks.

    That's actually exactly what I was thinking for you. I've seen some very nice i5 combos for around $500 that would get you one heck of a nice gaming rig!

    I don't think resolution was mentioned in this thread, but I recommend for future proofing gaming at 1080p at least an HD6850 or the GTX 460. Which I heard the latter is getting scarce.
  11. 66/100
    rating higher than most because there is a lot to be gained if you upgrade the GPU
  12. I'd uprate the psu and see if those overclocks dont hold with a decent psu there,
    push it to 3.2GHz, slap in an ati 5770/one of the 6xxx equivalents or a nvid 460 and that will tide you over well until new build is a possibility
  13. I was told it was my motherboard holding me back from an overclock.
  14. Fair enough then, I couldn't google your specs as I was a work, stuck on mobile net now I'm home lol
  15. I'm more willing to bet it's the cpu cooler holding you back. As long as you can change your cpu multiplier, the mobo will likely be good enough to give a decent overclock.
    50/100 in terms of computing power.
  16. Hi, check the real psu performance before getting one of the newer GPUs
    For gaming I give you 25 but depends a lot on the resolution you are playing...
    I believw you will not be able to play bf3 or any equivalet fps...
  17. im pretty sure i need a new psu to upgrade my gpu because my psu only has one pci-e connector. i have overclocked before and my temps were ok for burning dvds and general stuff but if i remember correctly under prime95 my temps were in the 60s. I get a rapid beep from my pc when my temps get high. someone told me its a transistor or some electrical component i think on my mobo but thats a different topic.
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