Difference between cuda cores and stream processor

i saw specs of 9600gt it shows 64 stream processor and i saw gt220 it showed 48 cuda cores ..exactly what is the difference between cuda core and stream processor
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  1. they are the same. i believe the exact name is stream processor (SP) but since the Fermi architecture nvidia change the name to CUDA cores.
  2. Correct. There is no difference. When the Universal Shader Architecture (USA) cards first came out, both AMD and Nvidia called them SP. Nvidia then went the way of CUDA, and now calls them CUDA cores. (I think they changed the name again. But they are still the same thing.) Even AMD just came out with a new name, but they are still all basically SP.
  3. ati cards have 1024 stream processors for 6950 but gtx 560ti has only 384 cuda cores
    so very much less than ati but other specs are nearly same processing cores matters ati should perform better than any nvidia card ..even ati 800 stream processors so is it powerful than gtx 560ti ah..
  4. don't count the stream processor to judge which is better between AMD (ATI) and nvidia cards. you may do that when comparing ATI to ATI or nvidia to nvidia to make rough estimation about their performance but when comparing ATI and nvidia you can't do that since both were built using different architecture. that's why people make reviews so we know how they compare to each other in real games/application
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