GTS450 or HD5770

Hi I am planning to buy a graphic card...
My confusion is GTS450 or HD5770..
which is better for me?

I want to play crysis2,gta 4,mafia 2 like gamea at atleast 1600X900 res and with ultra high setting.
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  1. please help...Ore any othere cards at its price range is better?
  2. lol. don't bump post or your thread will be locked. performance wise HD5770 is better but GTS450 can be overclocked to perform near HD5770 stock performance.

    mafia 2 use PhysX for it's extra eye-candy physics effect in the game and you're going to need nvidia card for that. if you don't care about PhysX then just pick a card that you like regardless nvidia or AMD. for crysis 2 even HD5770 will have to struggle at 1600x900 if you go for ultra setting
  3. ok..PhysX means we can see extra effects in gts450 that we cant see in hd5770 ..?
  4. yup. exactly. if you don't care much about those effect you can pick which ever you like. but if you really want physx then you got no choice but to take nvidia card
  5. of course the hd 5770
    hd 5770 is much better than the gts 450 the gts 450 is equal to hd 5750 also if u r going to buy the hd 5770 there are lots of good ediutions with good cooling for that card like Vapor x ,icq5, hawk :D
  6. HD 5770 for more fps if you don't care about physx. I would recommend you to get the GTX 460 though ;)
  7. I'm not sure where you live, but the 5770 is becoming a bit hard to find from what I've seen. The 6770 is pretty much the same thing with a slight bump in performance for about the same price.

    I would suggest getting the 6770 or like others have said the GTX 460 would be good to look at as well.
  8. Quote:
    6770 is just a rebadged 5770, no difference in performance............

    It's the same card yes, but there's some slight improvements like HDMI 1.4a and UVD3 to go along with it for example, without a firmware update at least.

    I suggested the 6770 because the 5770 is EOL technically, so the 6770 would be easier to find and from what I've seen on the egg it's the same price.
  9. Personally, as long as the cards are available in your area and your PSU can handle the cards then a cheaper (in my country anyway)5830 or a similarly priced 5850 would be the best way to go. Much more horsepower than either card.

    Mactronix :)
  10. ya...but I hav core 2 duo, 1TB hdd SATA,4gb ddr3 ram based PC.
    I already bought corsir CX430W psu for upgrading GPU...

    If this PSU will run hd5770 smoothly.

    And my motherbord is ASUS P5G41T-M LX .If I bought GTS 450 can I overclock it?
    If yes how.

    If No , the n which card is better at without overclocking mode.

    Please post a reply for all these doubts.
  11. Quote:
    should be able to run a HD5850...........
    and go for the 5770, it's overall better faster card than the GTS 450,

    Unless it's a factory OC'd one. HD 5770 has my vote too.
  12. The HD5770 is better whether you overclock or not.
  13. I was talking about the GTS 450 OC'd or TOP edition. Only that can beat a factory HD 5770.
  14. Yes there are editions of the 450 that beat a standard 5770 but then the 5770 can be overclocked as well. Unless you have no intention of OCing yourself and can get one of these factory overclocked cards for cheaper than the 5770 then your left with find something else or go with the 5770.

    Mactronix :)
  15. I recently bought CX430 Corsair PSU .
    And when I connected to the system It is not working.

    when I tested the PSU by shorting black and green channel , the chasis fan spinning.
    My configuration is,
    core 2 duo,
    Asus P5G41T-M LX motherbord,
    1TB sata hdd,
    dvd writer

    when I switch on, the green light on motherbord is ON.and when I switch the power button ON the system not booting...
    when I removed the 4pin connecter to the motherboard, the cpu fan just spin and then off..I both wires are connected to the board, nothing is working.

    what is the problem?

    NB: I got a cable that is not supporting to my plug on the switch board, so I connected my old ordinary SMPS 's power cable to the new that cause any problem?

    Please any one help seriously...
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