Nvidia gtx 560ti vs ati 6950

im a nvidia fan im confused what to buy among these ..im mainly confused because of physx ..because if games demand physx for those eye candy like mafia 2 and batman arkham asylm ..they really looked great with physx and normal without physx ..but my monitor res is 1920x1080 i want to play all games in this res without lag..will the use of physx will be noticed visualy when playing games like crysis 2 ..and the upcoming batman arkham city..
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  1. While PhysX is cool tech, I wouldn't be hung up too much on the PhysX issue only because it's not something "catching on" like we'd hope it would. A few games use it while most don't.

    If your motherboard is SLI capable, I'd go for the 560ti and grab another when you can at a later date.

    If not, grab a 6950.
  2. Quote:
    1. Both cards are great for 1920*1080
    2. Both cards cant play all games at 1920*1080 without lag,........stupid Metro....
    3. With a Single GTX 560Ti, it's advised to forget about PhysX since ur game wont be smooth with it on
    4. Grab the cheaper, both cards perform on par, though the 6950 leads in more demanding games like Metro 2033, but that's only like 10%, and in that game, that's just 2-5fps
    5. Crysis 2 doesnt have PhysX, but the DX11 update sure sucks GPU power
    6. Full system specs?

    my specs is intel i5 2500k.asus p8p67 pro,4gb corsair 1600mhz ram,650 corsair psu,cooler master haf cabinet and cooler master hyper 212 cpu cooler
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