'No Input Signal' displayed on monitor!!!

Hi, iv been havin a few problems when trying to turn my pc on, iv had it for 4 years so it's an old compared to recent comps!! I'm able to turn it on but every time I do so the monitor comes up with the 'no input signal' message! I have tried connecting the monitor to my laptop and other CPU and it seems to work fine, so I'm lead to believe that it must be a problem with my video card but I'm not sure! Also there is a difference in the beep when the pc is switched on, it now beeps 4-5 times rather thn once! I would appreciate the help thank you!

PC spec:

Model: Medion MT8 (MED MT459)
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 7650gs 128Mb
MoBo: MS 7318 ver1.1
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6400 2.13GHz
PS: 300W
HDD: 300Gb
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  1. Hw wud i do that? im not particularly tech savvy :(
  2. it seems that my motherboards doesn't have an onboard graphics card! but iv tried the video outputs that are connected to my graphics card and none of them work, scart, hdmi, composite, vga, all of them!
  3. thnks ill try that im plannin on upgradin my card to a nvidia gt440, do u think it is a suitable upgrade? do u think i wud need to change my psu?
  4. ok, but wouldnt i need to uninstall the nvidia drivers b4 i install the radeon card?
  5. hmmm... hw would i uninstall the drivers without being able to see anything :P
    if i cant exactly pinpoint what is actually causing this problem wat would u suggest i do?
  6. ok cool thnx for the help!
    Is the difference in beeps during the start up of the pc important? i kno that the bios has error beep codes, and i can hear a 1-1-3 beep sequence, i looked it up and it said something about CMOS needing replacement! What is CMOS?
  7. Thanks a lot for ur help its the most iv had in the past few days, im gonna spend more time researching to help pinpoint the problem! Iv decided to get a xfx radeon hd 5670 512Mb ddr5 card, have wanted to upgrade my card fr the past year anyway :)
  8. Just one more question if it is a BIOS problem would i have to get a new motherboard?
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