Is an overclocked pentium 4 at 6ghz better than a dual core PC

Would it be better ?

And how would it compare to a quad core PC ?
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  1. You really cannot do a comparison like that, the architecture changes add up to quite a bit more than any OCing can. A 3 GHz Core 2 Duo is significantly faster than an 3GHz P4 in any single threaded task, one of the newer i3s at 3 GHz would beat out a 6GHz P4 in any single threaded task, once you start dealing with tasks with more threads the newer CPUs get an even larger advantage.
  2. fuggles said:
    Would it be better ?

    And how would it compare to a quad core PC ?

    Well it would vary on the cpu your comparing to but generally, no.

    Even at 6GHz, any modern dual core cpu will run around a Pentium 4 as most software these day's that need cpu power is build very well to use at least 2 cores.

    Just to show an example of older dual core celeron (from the core 2 duo's arch) that below twice the GHz of a pentium 4:

    Pentium 4 at 3.6 and celeron dual core at 1.6 GHz

    In most task the lowly celeron beat the high and mighty P4 (just by small amount though).

    And thats not even what Celeron on the Sandybridge arch could do. here a pentium dual core on the sandy bridge arch, (closest i can get to the celeron equivalents) Im not even going to say how badly a P4 is beaten....

    So i think i've stated my point that any modern dual core cpu even at a 2x the GHz disadvantage will still beat a p4 @ 6GHz.

    And no, I'm not even going to show comparisons of a quad vs p4....
  3. P4 would loose while consuming 3-4 times the power due to the insane overclock, and probably burn out in no time due to the voltage required for that insane of an overclock.
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