What new motherboard will fit in Compaq Presario 4760 case?

Hello Everybody, I just found a Compaq presario 4760 case and I want to build a whole new system from scratch. I want to know what new motherboard should I buy that fit in this case.
Thanks for the help.

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  1. Case only? The original board was am2 using ddr2. If you're building a new system from scratch, here's my recommendations:


    I just installed the 2120, and it beats my old amd easily. This price for the 2100 is a great value; same for the msi board. All these parts should work fine in your compaq case, but I recommend a new power supply in one of these brands: antec, corsair, zalman, ocz, seasonic, enermax or xfx. All are tested and rated properly by their manufacturers; some of the cheaper brands aren't.
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