Pc freezes while playing games

hello, I have run thru many instances of this all over the net, with many suggestions on repair...none help. It all started one day...gaming, the screen went all spotted for colors, and froze, after that, anytime I tried too go on the game, the screen would go black ( like windows loading black), the sound loops after about 20 sec, and only way out is unplug, it cud be 5 min in game, or an hour, varied, I did originally have 2 hard drives ( 2x 360gb), and was having a hard drive failure warning for some time, replaced the two with one 1tb hard drive ( same maker and speed), re-formatted...no change, I can go anywhere else on net, watch movies, whatever...all ok, as soon as I enter any game (sl, wow, etc, etc...) lock up !!..had a nvidia video card, replaced that next with a radeon 5750, with the exact same results, i have run core temp monitors, increased fan speed too 100%, reformatted, made sure all programs, windows, are all updated, tried different drivers, tried every suggestion on net cud find so far, reloaded bios, disabled audio and tried....nothing works, tried all windows tests, system tests, config tests, temp monitoring, everything I could find, no change whatsoever !, compt specs...
HP M9150F desktop
Asus IPIBL-LB motherboard
Intel 2 quad core q6600
3 GB mem
integrated graphics Intel gma 3100 ( realtek audio alc888s)
1TB hard dr
vista home premium 32bit with svc pck 2
pleeease help, fighting with this for 2 months !!
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  1. forgot too mention, swapped out psu also, and have covers off with a small home fan blowing inside, also completed mem test, passed
  2. Maybe try making sure that all of your OLD video drivers are completely removed and that you have the latest video drivers installed for your current video card.
  3. did that too, made sure no trace old driver, and auto, and manualy updated latest drivers, ty for the reply, any suggestions may help at this point, hate too have too give up on this compt.
  4. Upgrade your specs, friend!
  5. oops, guess I forgot too put what video card I installed, a radeon 5750, I have gone thru again, made sure all traces of old nvidia drivers are gone, made sure all drivers for hardware are up too date, os fully up too date, I reloaded bios with updated version, nothing seems to change the lockup whatsoever, the screen goes black, or, have had a few times now, light blue stripes, ctrl/alt/ dlt does nothing, or f4, have too unplug compt. the one thing I did look at tho.....in my bios, it says RAID for hard drive, is that right for a single drive?, (was seeing if overclocked..isnt), if not, do I set too IDE?
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