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Hello All

I'm hoping someone here would be able to assist me. Last week or so I managed to get a nasty virus a bios virus i believe which affects the hard drives with boot records as well as the bios itself. After days of trying to figure out the virus then figuring out what i needed to do (i flashed the bios formatted my ssd through ps3 then reinstalled windows 7) I finally had that part resolved. So started installing my drivers and getting everything up and running. I noticed after my initial drivers install when i'd boot back into windows after the starting windows logo would go off the screen would stay black but you could here the windows logon sound.

So i figured maybe it was a windows update so i messed around a bit and figured out it was my ATI drivers. The ATI drivers from the windows update and the latest drivers from AMD/ATI would give me the black screen I even tried the hotfix drivers. and i tried a driver that was slightly older (current 11.6 tried as low as 11.4)

So i'm not sure how I would be able to resolve this should I try a much older driver? I've removed the video card aired it out with can of air and powered on the pc without the video card to see if it could refresh the port.

Still whenever those drivers install black screen on boot up. Tried enabling low res mode on boot up for safe mode but still black screen.

I built this computer a year ago my first video card in it was a 8800gt then i got the 5850 and replaced it with that. Never had a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit edition and Radeon 5850 until now.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with Sp1 installed.
Gigabyte - X58a-UD5 Rev 1.0 with latest stable bios
Kingston 128gb ssdnow
8GB DDr 3 memory
Radeon HD5850 by Sapphire

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. Thank you
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  1. I don't have the 8800gt anymore. I was thinking of going to an older bios because that may be the issue. And the GPU bios was a consideration but haven't done that in a bit and haven't done the research but I guess i'll have to give that a shot. it's been tough trying to get it back up and running since i've had tons of work and working out to do.

    But I will give those a try, know a place where i can get the gpu bios from?
  2. Thanks I will give that a shot when i get home. and if it's still having issues i will try downgrading the mobo bios or upgrading to a newer one but in beta stage.
  3. I see you have an SSD and also flashed the BIOS... HAve you checked the SSD option for the SATA ports? Windows is very annoying when you install it with one config and then switch it. And I'm talking about the "simple" option of SATA: IDE Mode or AHCI Mode.

    Do a check on that also, most BIOS default back to IDE and I'd say you must have it on AHCI.

  4. Yep its set back to IDE as it was before. believe me when i first set this computer up a year ago was a pain actually had to set windows up on a regular sata drive and clone it to the SSD this time around though i didn't need to. bios detects it and windows detected it just took a bit longer to get the install going. but yep its set to IDE as it was before. But it boots into windows i'm not sure via AHCI but why would that affect the video card? Or it's just something to look into to see if it could possibly pose a problem?
  5. Alright flashed the ATI GPU BIOS and flashed to an older MOBO Bios still get black screen or when i log in i get the desktop background but no icons or anything. i don't know what it could be i will try to install it on another computer and see.
  6. Figured i out, nothing was wrong with the card just was stupidity on my part. I had connected both cables back into the card (HDMI/DVI) forgot that initially HDMI takes priority. So i was sitting there staring at my windows desktop with no icons and I thought to myself wait a minute turned on my HDTV and yep there it was my desktop... So set my monitor to main screen and now i'm set.

    Thank you guys for the help I really appreciate it.
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