Computer powers on but no display. Recently Replace MOBO

I know this has been posted dozens of times but this is different. First to tell you my specifications:
Motherboard: Intel D865GLC (was a microstar 6390ver)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz
Video: Onboard
Ram: 4x512 MB DDR RAM
PSU: 235 watt (used to be for my Compaq presario S5000CL as I only changed mobo, cpu, and ram)

Now for the problem I have installed everything successfully (at least I think). When I plug in the cord for the psu it turns on instantly without out me pressing the power button and only turns off when I take out that cord, so when it is on everything seems to be running perfectly but one LED is green and the other next to the PCI-E slot is red(I think it is used to show power). The monitor is working as I used to use it and when I unplug the vga cable from my computer I get an error on the screen telling me to plug it in. Oh and I doubt it is motherboard, cpu, or ram as those are new. I may think it is the HDD as the indicator never turns off because I forgot to format it before plugging it into the new motherboard. Can anyone give me some advice?
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  1. Moet likely you have the power button connectors mixed up and on the wrong pins, the computer should not start up when you plug in the psu. Does your psy have a switch on it to turn the psu on and off? You can use that instead of unpluging untill you get the power button straightened out. If you changed the cpu you have to make sure that it supports the onboard video. Have you gone into the bios and made sure that the onboard video is enabled?
  2. I can't go to the bios if I can't see anything.
  3. I think I found the problem, the cpu fan has a 4 pin cable that I don't know where to plug it is kinda like the SATA cable where do I plug this?
  4. At the top of the MB there is a four pin cpu fan connector near the cpu socket , it is specificly for the cpu fan.
  5. Okay I found out that I have to put a female to the male and then the ale into the HDD female, whatever it worked except that th screen still has no signal I can't see anything.
  6. The keyboard doesn't turn could this be a psu issue.
  7. Well you did say that the computer turned on when you pluged the psu in so the psu seems to be working it could be a question if you have put the computer together correctly and pluged in all of the cables in the right spots where they are supposed to go. You can either try to find a youtube video on making the connections or start over and one by one make sure that all the cables are connected properly.
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