(Mostly) New Intel based system; seeking guidance!

Greetings tomhardwarians,

I will change my old rig very soon (hopefully) and I need your advice on some things in order to make sure I get the most from my investment and I will explain what I mean.

From my old rig I will keep (for the time being) the PSU which is an Antec EartWatts 80% 500w, the HDD which suits my needs for the time being and the optical unit (which I hardly ever use thanks to Steam :P ).

I will use it for:

-gaming in 1920x1080 (I'm aiming at games like DeusEx: Human Revolutions/ Witcher 2/ Crysis 2/ Starcraft 2/ Diablo 3/ WoW/ SW:ToR and others but I think you got the jist) in high if not ultra settings.
-watching movies
-posting long rants on forums, getting flamed and flaming back with a large possibility for trolling as well.
-possibly a little OC once I get comfortable with it but not to start with.
-maybe adding a second GPU later on (but I consider this optional)

Only thing I have atm is the GPU (which will arrive in a few days) - a GTX 560 Ti. I'm looking for advice regarding the rest: mobo/ proc/ memory and a case.

I would like an i5 with a mobo to match that will allow me later on to oc, add a second GPU or more memory; speaking of memory I was thinking of 8gb which is more than enough at the present time imo.

Budget wise I can spend around 700$/ 2100lei but prices where I'm from differ greatly fromt he ones in the States or UK as in they are larger so take that under account.

I would like to ask you kindly if possible to add your suggestions from either emag.ro or pcgarage.ro - the exchange rate is 1$ = 3lei. If not, you can use newegg etcetera but I would then have to look for them here and sometimes they're not in stock or just not in the offer so take that under consideration.

This is what I was thinking of but anything you can add to it would be great - I'm not so good with mobos and what each of them has as bonus for the a larger price..anyway:

mobo - http://www.emag.ro/placi_baza/placa-de-baza-asus-p8p67-m-rev30-socket-1155--pP8P67-MREV3.0

memory - http://www.emag.ro/memorii/kit-dual-channel-corsair-8gb-2-x-4gb-ddr3-1600mhz-radiator-albastru--pCMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B

case - http://www.emag.ro/carcase/carcasa-nox-coolbay-devil-edition-fara-sursa-neagra--pCoolbayDevilEdition

CPU - http://www.emag.ro/procesoare/procesor-intel-174-coretm-i5-2500k-sandybridge-3300mhz-6mb-socket-1155-box--pBX80623I52500K_S_R008

I want a case with good cooling and some room to do WM with ease (so I was thinking fan on top/ fan on the door/ fan to the back/ fan to the front and the PSU to be located in the lower part of the case). Would also like a recomandation for a 3rd party CPU cooler and if I should use Arctic Silver straight off the bat instead of the stock thermal paste it comes with.

That's all I guess!

*Textwall crits you for 5000000 Holy damage!
*You died!
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  1. anyone?..no?..it's really easy to read once you give it a chance..I can summarize it in 3 sentences if that would make people share some insight..
  2. Hi,

    I'd go for a z68 mobo ibstead of p67, it is more futureproof
  3. See, your problem is that your Textwall critted everyone!

    The parts you picked out look pretty good, I would suggest going with a Z68 mobo and down the line when you have the money for it you can get an SSD to make your programs load faster. This wont impact game performance, but still a good investment.

    Also, whenever you do SLI you will have to upgrade your PSU. 500W is not enough for two of those cards. An absolute minimum would probably be 600W or so.
  4. The only advantage the z68 board has over the p67 is a built in GPU don't bother with it if your getting a standalone card.
  5. Thank you for replying guys..idd, the textwall seems to have driven everyone away.

    Yeah, I'm going to need a new PSU for SLI - that's for sure..will prolly go for a 750W one when and if the time comes.

    Apart from the z68 mobo which I'm guessing is so I can take advantage of the i5 feature for graphic rendering - can you guys suggest a decent cpu cooler?
  6. I wouldn't say z68 is more futureproof, but this gigabyte mobo is cheaper/better. http://www.emag.ro/placi_baza/placa-de-baza-gigabyte-z68a-d3h-b3-socket-1155--pGA-Z68A-D3H-B3

    Xigmatech gaia for the cooler. But you'll probably have to have it pointing up to fit because of the side fan and tall ram heatsinks. Even then I still have doubts if it'll fit. http://www.pcgarage.ro/coolere/xigmatek/gaia-sd1283/

    Or go with a smaller hsf, just don't expect very high OC. http://www.pcgarage.ro/coolere/arctic-cooling/freezer-7-pro-rev-2/
  7. Hmm..well tbh I was only thinking of the cooler to lower the temp in general - in the stock settings..not for oc..when and if I will oc, I will look for a better solution. Anything cheaper that will do the job? :P
  8. If you di not plan on overclocking get the 2500 non k and save 10$ anyway it is so easy to get over 4ghz that the k version overclock is very profitable.
    Cooler master hyper 212 is a ggod cooler not so expensive...
  9. The 212+ is more expensive where he lives and will have issues fitting in that case (same as gaia, both 159mm), the max hsf clearance is 150mm with the side fan but you can google and see people with bigger hsf if they turn it. Although it also depends on the mobo cpu placement. The stock heatsink will be fine otherwise just spend the money now for a better heatsink. You would have to completely disconnect and take out the mobo to change the hsf in that case. Prices for all components are completely different on those sites compared to US prices. And the freezer 7 was the cheapest decent hsf I saw. It will still get over 4ghz so should be fine for you.

    I was looking for a better case but I run into the same issue, prices are completely different. The antec 300 is around the same price but would need to buy more fans. Even then the high ram heatsinks will block the first ram slot.
  10. Was thinking of possibly replacing the memory with this one - http://www.emag.ro/memorii/kit-dual-channel-corsair-8gb-2-x-4gb-ddr3-1866mhz-radiator--pCMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 ...it has a higher frequency 1866 vs 1600.

    Can anyone give me some advice regarding this?
  11. Ram speed makes little difference, about 2% from 1600 to 1866 in multitasking but next to nothing in everything else.
  12. k1114 said:
    Ram speed makes little difference, about 2% from 1600 to 1866 in multitasking but next to nothing in everything else.

    Thanks again for sharing some insight and sorry for asking this but do you have anything solid like a review or the like to back up that claim? I'm just curious if there are solid facts, tested and thought to be true or if it's just a personal opinion?
  13. k1114 said:

    You just saved me ~35 bucks sir..kindly appreciated even though I take every review I read with a grain of salt..
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