Asus Maximus Gene III memory issues!

Hey there. First time poster here.

I've got this motherboard, Asus maximus gene III, and recently decided to upgrade my ram from 4gb to the max of 16.

Here's the issue. I get into windows 7 64bit. My computer shows 16 gigs. But only 8 usable. I fire up CPUz and it recognizes all 4 sticks of memory.

I restart my computer and notice the post shows only 8 gigs being recognized and it also shows the same thing in the bios. However, when I launch "memperfect", a program in the bios, and it runs it tests, it shows a full 16 gigs of ram. So it's like my bios sees I have 16 gigs and it doesn't see it.

I have tried reseating my ram and CPU. Made sure the CPU has no bent pins, not that it would matter, since my computer sees the ram.

Does it matter how I plug in my ram? Do I have to slot sticks in certain slots first then others?

Any ideas or help would be fantastic!
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  1. In the run box in the start menu type in msinfo32 and the window that comes up will show you what Windows sees is installed and what is available for memory.
    You can download and run memtest86 and that will detect any defective memory sticks.
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