Best low profile graphics card? (under 60W consumption)

Hey there, I've done a little search on the website and i couldn't find anything that matches my need, therefore I decided to create this little thread to help me out.

I've got a 250W power supply, and a low profile PC case.
I've looked around for many low profile cards, but I'm just a little stuck for choice.

The ones I have my eyes on are the ASUS 6570 LP..
Which was released recently.
The other one is the ASUS 5570.. which is about £10 cheaper.. and not much different to the one displayed above.

What do you guys think? Is it worth the extra money?

Also.. if you know of any other GPU's under £70.. I would love to know.. something more powerful than these two.
Neoseekers reviews usually display the total power consumption of their gaming rig while these GPU's are installed (displaying idles and full load figures).. so that helps me out alot.

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  1. Oops I forgot to add..
    I'm not really a hardcore gamer.. but i do like nice visuals.. I know that due to my PC.. I have been restricted to better options.. but I would like to start off with this PC so that I can keep it for other uses.

    The games I would like to play would be..
    GTA IV on medium-high setting..
    Crysis 2 on medium-high settings
    Dirt 3 on high settings.

    I will mostly be playing in 1280 x 720 - 1600 x 1000 resolution.
    Thanks once again. :)
  2. ^ P.s. my native resolution is 1980 x 1080 i think..
  3. Hmm. anyone?

    What I'm confused about is that..

    This Sapphire 2GB has the same specs as a 1GB but costs more.. so what's the difference? How well can it run games? Please help?
  4. Sapphire vs Asus? Who wins?
  5. 72 views and no one says a word? LOL
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