GA-970A-D3 - Front Panel Audio Problem

GA-970A-D3 (rev. 1.3)

Can anyone help me with a front panel audio problem? The volume worked fine last night, but once i turned on my computer today and plug in headphones i only get volume from the left headphone. However, if i don't plug in the headphones all the way (plugged in maybe 3/4 of the way) i get sound through both ears. I tested out the headphones using the back panel and they work fine. What can i do to fix this?
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  1. If the onnector is pluged in all the way on the motherboards spidf header then there isn't much you can do the front panel jack must be defective. Something would have to be loose that you could tighten for you to fix it. If there are not loose wires or connections then it's defective.
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