Gtx on 650 watt?

will gtx 580 run on 650 watt Antec EarthWatts... this psu was bought 2 years ago and it's not the one that's on Newegg.
It's gray. (they have different versions?)
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  1. What else is in your machine? Do you plan to overclock anything? Do you plan to add a second card later if you have that option?
  2. Should be just fine.
  3. I have 2600k to 4.5 ghz 1.30Vc
    12gb ram 4 sticks
    2 harddrives
    1dvd drive
    4 fans
    h50 pump
    h50 fan

    I think i might have trouble, but howbout a gtx 570,6970?
  4. An EA650 should handle a GTX 580 fine.
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