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Gateway computer can't boot / different problem every time.

I have a gateway computer I bought that is about 1 1/2 old.

I recently purchased this computer and it has been running fine for a few weeks.

yesterday I had it running but was using another computer and i noticed it had turned itself off.

not sleep... off

this morning when i try to boot i get many different errors.
got an 07e blue screen that said something about the disk may be full.

one time the computer did not even make it to bios before displaying weird characters on the screen.

FYI i bought this computer from a shop where the guy takes out the power supplies and video cards and moves them around so when i got this computer it had no power supply and i put in a thermatake 430w power supply.'

I noticed that the fan on the power supply was running fast quite often.
not sure if this matters.

I have plenty of power supplies so if you think i should swap it let me know.

also most of the times it has a problem it just freezes
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    Swapping the power supply should be the first thing that you should try, if this does not cure the problem let me know.
  2. ok
    I will do it now

    anybody else?
    is this an unusual problem?
  3. Just having a Gateway is unusual.
  4. ha ha

    you joke but i cry

    now its just making tick tock noises from the mobo's little speaker like a clock.

    what is going on?

    I changed power supply and added a video card.

    so far what i have done is not helping at all.
  5. Yes I did joke, but that experience in my life also had a tears with a Gateway long ago.

    Sometimes it is better to replace with a more modern laptop either built to your specs quality or a good reputation such as Toshiba or similar.

    The three different laptops I have had in my life all died under coffee spills. One was a 3500 dollar Dell. Threw that one out and got into building computers.
  6. it was bad ram
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