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can g.skill ripjaw x dual channel 1600mhz memory run on Asrock h77 PRO3 and msi h77ma-g43 motherboard?? and which 1 perform better in gaming?

my spec
i7 2600( pls dont complain.. i transfer this cpu from old pc to new pc.. not planing to overclock it)
sapphire radeon hd 7770 vapour x
g.skill ripjaw x dual channel 1600mhz memory

pls suggest which 1 better Asrock h77 PRO3 or h77ma-g43.
i want answer which motherboard perform better.. not new motherboard suggestion ty.
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  1. memory supported on both mobo
    asrock is better
  2. As chimera201 said, Both mobo supports that ram and asrock will be better.

    H77 mobo is good for you as you running non K edition cpu.
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