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I'm in a hotel and using their wireless. I have a wireless multi-purpose printer. I want to use my own WAP to access the printer and want to be able to print while surfing on the hotel's wlan. Will my laptop accommodate seemlessly two different SSIDs. Want to know before I purchase the personal WAP.
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  1. What you really want in this case is more than just a WAP (wireless access point). I suggest getting a wireless repeater. You would be connecting the repeater to the hotel's wireless via their SSID, then repeating it locally for your laptop and printer. Ideally it would support both bridged and non-bridged repeating. I recommend a good dd-wrt compatible router since it supports everything you need. If you’re uncomfortable w/ third party firmware solutions, I suppose the ASUS WL-330gE is good alternative. It’s small, supports repeater (although I suspect it’s bridged repeater only), and affordable (it was $25 after rebate, free shipping, from only a few days ago).
  2. Thanks for your response Eibgrad.

    What I ended up putting together is similar except that I added an AP behind the repeater where I could have secured access for my internal infrastructure from the hotel's.


  3. Well, I now have two AP routers capable of repeating and not one has been able to do so. Not sure if the hotel has a sophisticated system capable of preventing repeating to prevent bandwidth theft.
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