SB G620 Scores more than SB G840in WEI

Well this seems ridiculous but true... First I bought Sandybridge g620 with h67 chipset motherboard and 1333mhz ram. SB G620 is a dual core 2.6 ghz chip. But it can only support ram frequency up to 1066 mhz... This is why I wanted to change the CPU and grab SB G840 instead, which supports 1333mhz ram... During this ordeal I also upgraded my motherboard from H67 to z68...

Well here are the scores in windows experience index I received... I installed win 7 64 bit to both systems and did no upgrades at all. It was offline install and I ran WEI immediately.

Sandy Bridge G620 + H67 chipset

Cpu: 6.8 points
Ram: 5.9 points (total 4gb 1333mhz ram downclocked to 1066 mhz)

Sandybridge G840 + z68 chipset

Cpu: 6.7 points
Ram: 7.2 points (4gb 1333mhz)

(By the way this WEI is so strange because in my previous rig which was Core 2 duo e6600, my Radeon HIS hd 5770 used to score 6.0 and now it scores 7.4 in new system...)
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  1. Do I have a bad G840 chip ?
  2. Run a benchmark such as cinebench, you should see the difference.
  3. Well now I checked official score of g840.. it is as it should be.. 6.7

    but g620 scored more than it had to O.o

    Did I have a winner g620 ? xD
  4. wie is a pointless comparison it can change drastically on a similar system, if you want to do a real comparison, run haven benchmark, fur mark, and 3dmark11 and compare results. then get a game like bf3 to compare results... its unlikely in the real world you will see much difference from the cpu's if the system has the same gfx.
  5. so far it performs well.. I decided to buy this instead of amd just because I worry about electricity bills..
  6. I understand where you are coming power wise, that is why I spent the money I did on a high end gold rated 90+ psu. Usually you can get a more typical rated cpu and just balance every thing else out.
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