Selling gaming computer need help with price.

Sup guys im selling my old gaming computer so i can do a new build. Im trying to figure out how much i can get for it and thats where i need help. Heres the specs (doing this from memory so be nice lol)

core 2 quad@2.50 overclocked to 3.01
msi gts 250 twin frozr 1G also overclocked a bit
3G ddr2 ram
cheap msi motherboard just got it only like 2 weeks old
600 wat power supply ocz i think also only few weeks old
500g sata hardrive
and a old crappy emachine case lol i think thats all of it o ya and one dvd drive :)

was thinking of selling for $250? what you guys think?
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  1. You might be able to fetch $350 for that but you should be able to sell it for at least $300 considering the CPU and GPU
  2. Nobody is going to pay 350 for that your nuts kaweee. Your best bet is to sell it off as parts and get what you can get for it.
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