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Graphics card won't work


I have an OEM Compaq computer that I installed a Radeon HD 4350 in. I was just tinkering around with AMD Overdrive to see if I could get a little bit more performance from a pretty basic card and accidentally tested a clock of 800MHz for the Core clock (stock is 600MHz). I didn't SELECT 800MHz, but I accidentally TESTED it. But then the computer got hung up while testing (left it for 2 hours and nothing happened). So I had to manually shut off the computer. I then rebooted. Everything worked fine... Until I tried to open Catalyst Control Center to check to make sure the settings were back to normal for AMD Overdrive. My system went into a white screen with vertical stripes, as if it was testing a clock setting. But I hadn't done anything but attempt to open CCC. Left it for an hour, nothing happened. Manual restart. Same thing happened. Manual restart again, and this time it went to the white screen before I even attempted to do anything.

So I turned off the computer, pulled out the video card, put it in a static bag, and restarted the computer using the onboard graphics. Everything is working okay (no more white screen).

What should I do? I can't get into CCC to change that setting, so I'm stumped.


(P.S. I have learned my lesson. I am never touching AMD Overdrive again.)
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  1. Oh if any of this information is necessary, I have a Pentium E2160 @1.8GHz, 4GB Corsair DDR2 RAM, 400W Corsair PSU. And the graphics card is an ASUS Radeon HD 4350 Silent/Low-profile (no fan, but a huge heatsink)
  2. Have you tried just uninstalling/reinstalling CCC?
  3. Ya I tried that too. When I reinstalled it, it did the exact same thing. Tried updating drivers for the card too.
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    Try using driver sweeper and making sure everything possible is gone and reinstalling fresh;
    If that doesn't work then I guess that OC attempt damaged the card and there's not much you can do but replace it. Fortunately it's only an HD4350 at least. If you were bothering trying to OC at all I assume it was for gaming purposes and that definitely not a gaming card so this may just be a good excuse to upgrade.
  5. Should I run driversweeper with the video card in the computer, or not?
  6. It doesn't matter.
  7. I ran driver sweeper, put the card back in, reinstalled drivers/CCC. CCC opened up without a problem, and in AMD Overdrive, it shows the card at stock speed, and Overdrive is locked. Everything seems to be working fine for now. Haven't tried playing a game yet to see if it still functions fine for that, but i'm going to now. (I only play two older games, so yes it was because of gaming that I oc'ed, but the card I have is more than enough for the two games I play).

    I'll update you after playing the game
  8. Nice. I guess CCC somehow got stuck on OC settings the card couldn't handle.
  9. Played the game on high settings for about an hour, no issues. Thank you so much for your help!!!! I really appreciate it (I couldn't spend the money to get a new card, so you just saved me)
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