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USB 3 front panel to Z77 Asrock extreme4 connector

Hi guys

I just built a new PC using an Z77 Asrock Extreme4 and Zalman Z11 Plus Chassis but now it is complete but I can not use the front panel USB 3 ports as I do not have the mobo connector(was neither in the chassis package or the mobo package). The cabling on the inside end in 2 USB3 Mail connectors and not in a USB3 mobo connector. I ahve no idea how to go about fixing this as I can not seem to find any sort of separately sold converter.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Your motherboard has 4 USB3 ports on the I/O panel, and a USB3 header on the motherboard. With the chassis that you have, you are supposed to lead those cables outside the chassis and connect them to USB3 ports on the I/O panel. Here is some info:
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