Building a gaming pc,need help

I am building a new gaming pc (first build).My budget is 500 to 600 hundred euros.thanks for any help
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  1. take a look at tom's build from june,,2970.html
    it is a good place to start, only thing you may want to do is up it to 6870 graphics card and maybe go with antec 300 case

    other than that you will need to add another 150 euro to up it to a 2500k series cpu & z68 board
  2. if i were u i'd get
    1- intel core i5 2500k (i have it and it's phenomenal)
    2- ASUS P8Z68-V PRO Socket 1155
    3- Amd Radeon 6950 or Nvidia 560Ti
    but u need to tell more about what do u have or what u r trying to get like do u have a monitor or do u have a psu ...............u know stuff like that
  3. 016ive, did you even read his budget?
  4. 016 -- u trying to double him up on budget? he'd be plenty happy spending within his limits for now,, get better system later once your more seasoned and know what you like,,, hell I was happy with a Voodoo 3 for a long time, went "up" to a 8500GT, now I've owned a 460GTX,,

    as I mentioned in my previous post, to get any better it'll be at least another 30% more just to up the CPU & MB,, and another 30% if he adds the GPU you mention.-- also he'd need a bigger PSU
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