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Is my CPU an Intel E6300 or an E5500?

Is my CPU an Intel E6300 or an E5500?
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    it's an e5500 check in bios too.
  2. E5500, with 40MHz OC on bus speed.

    E6300 has default bus speed of 266MHz and multiplier of 10.5
  3. Remember there are two E6300's.

    One is 1.86ghz and is 65nm and the other is 2.8ghz and 45nm. Obviously you don't have the 65nm one though.

    If you showed us a screenshot of cpu-z with the cpu at stock speed I could answer your question. Your fsb overclock is confusing cpu-z.

    What does CPU ID Hardware monitor show it as? Bios?
  4. It's listed in the BIOS as an E5500, thanks for the help, everyone.

    But if it's an E5500, why does it say Intel Pentium E6300 in CPU-Z?
    PS: It was like that before I overclocked it.
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  6. cause it got confuse! :)
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