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Hi people
Mi pc does little artifacts only when I play games, this is more noticeable with sandra's gpu benchmarking tool (one that a fractal flashes changing colours)
I RMA'd the card (HD 5850) but the new one has the same issues, so it's not the gpu It has to be the PSU or the Motherboard
This problem started before I were playing with stress tests, I did it TONS of times with my system, BUT once I did it with my pc overclocked the problem is that I have an "OK" psu for the sistem...

Amd Phenom II 945 C3 3ghz (51ºC full load)
2 gb ram kingston value
Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme (70º full load)
ASRock M3A785GM-LE/128M
Corsair CX500

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  1. honestly i don't think motherboard or power supply unit can caused artifacts in the game. did you overclock your gpu?
  2. the previous one? yes but I rma'd it, they did bring me a brand new one, so yes it's pretty strange and I know it works well S: If only I can get an old mobo to thest it... but i can't :cry:
    thanks 4 the reply
  3. did you OC your current card too? remember unstable OC can lead to gpu artifact in 3d application. did the card also producing artifact at it's default clock?
  4. the new one never got oc'd. I tried lowering voltages and clocks carefully but it just keep showing this artifacts, I think that my psu can't hold the entire system with oc, that's because I'm saying that it can be the psu. But it can the motherboard because it's an relatively cheap one and/or it's dying because the psu couldn't supply the energy for the test.
    Well the oc wasn't big deal really it was a 3,4ghz on cpu 850/1100 on gpu I did thest it with prime95, msi afterburner and atitool for scanning artifacts withouth problems over a month until I did test it with aida64 burn in test and msi together :pfff: :cry: .
    I managed to get an old am2 board with an athlon 64 from a friend to test it but not until saturday .
    Thank's 4 your reply. :hello:
  5. you can use furmark to check gpu clock stability
  6. furmark is better? Ill give it a try when this thing gets fixed.
  7. i'm not saying it was better but it did work for most people. when OCing their gpu they will let furmark 'burn' the gpu to check if the clock is stable to 3d application such as games.
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