G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400 32GB

i'm looking for a fast set of ram in a large quantity and this is wat i came up with

it would be paired up with an intel core i7 3960x on perhaps a g1.assassin 2 or asus sabertooth motherboard

waddyu guys think???

btw if there is a better set a ram, plz let me know

and if u had to choose between these two mobos, which would u pick
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  1. forget what i said about the motherboards. i confused the sabertooth for the asus R4E
    that the mobo i would be using
  2. juz read that its not meant for sandy bridge-e
    perhaps somebody can suggest what ram i should use then?
  3. It will work on SB-E. Its a quad-channel memory kit and quad channel is supported for x79 mobo.

    But why do you need such high speed memory with high capacity? Gaming or editing?
  4. both, animation rendering too
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    Well then, buy it.
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  7. lol cool, thanks bro
  8. oh btw, this my be the most stupidest question in the world, but the asus r4e can hold 8 ram sticks, if i use 2 sets of this quad-channel ram, would the system makes detects it as 64gb?
  9. Very sorry or the late answer bro. I just missed your post.

    Yes you can have 8 ram to supports 64gb on asus sabertooth mobo but not in g1.assassin 2 mobo.

    This mobo will supports 64gb ram. It has 8 ram slot.
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