How to keep GFX card cool

Hey guys, I currently have a Sapphire HD 5770 Vapour-X OC by me and I have temps going all the way up to 80C in games. Is there any more I can do to cool the card without lowering the OC?
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  1. Do you have good airflow in your case? If not, add more case fans. You can also use MSI Afterburner or any other GPU control to increase fan speed. If the airflow is fine and you are using a program such as MSI Afterburner, then my choice would be to get a VGA cooler. One that I found effective and cheap is this:
  2. Have you tried turning up the fan speed??

    80C is not hot for a graphics card, I once had a 9800GT that idled at 80c and went to nearly 100c during gaming.

    Having said that, I've never seen my 5850 go over 55c while gaming, even at 60% fan speed.
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