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Hello i ll make this short and to the point. I have a dell m1530 and am going to buy the pe4h diy vidock and was wondering what the best video card for the price should I get?
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  1. oh my.......i went that route a couple years back......what a waste of my time and money

    save an extra cppl hundred and go this route.....,2970.html

    just some friendly advice from someone who's "been there done that"

    good luck

    ps im not say'in this cause i failed either!!! im say'in this cause i succeeded
  2. I see what you mean but for that rig wouldn't it be smarter to add 100 bucks and add an i5 sandy with compatible mobo or a amd hexa line proc with mobo? Making it a hellavalot better. Plus I don't have more than 250 for my rig so could you elaborate on what went wrong with your vidock?
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