Help with my three monitor display?

I have a XFX AMD Radeon 6970 2gb Graphics card, an Acer S231HL 23in Monitor, a Dell 2007 fp, and a Viewsonic VX1962wm.

Is it possible to run the Viewsonic and Dell off the two DVI ports and the Acer off the HDMI port? Right now I have the Acer and Dell on the two DVI ports because whenever I put the Acer on the HDMI the monitor has a 1/2in black boarder around the screen.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Does this happen at every resolution settings. Do you have this problem while playing video files or playing games, or both.
    I think, when u r working at a specific resolution, the screen does not need to stretch it to full screen as compared to the other monitors........
  2. Try using the scaling option that was hidden under the small lower display. The upper larger display only gives a properties option, and only the smaller lower one allows a configure option.
    good luck
  3. You can't run a 3 monitor display via DVI - DVI - HDMI. You will need to use DVI - DVI - DisplayPort.
  4. Ok, thanks, I was worried about that, I wasn't wanting to buyy an adapter do you have any you recomend?

    And thanks for the help both of you :)
  5. you can run 3 monitors as multiple desktops but not in eyefinity without the ACTIVE display port adapter.....

    here you go......btw there is an xfx not buy that one
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