Question about Physx on my ATI card while playing Batman Arkham Asylum

So, I am playing Batman Arkham Asylum on my laptop (specs are on my signature). It has an average ATI GPU with DX11. I am able to play with Physx on the highest while playing Batman with no noticeable loss in performance.

My question is why?

Did ATI update their drivers recently to be able to use Physx.

When I enabled Physx, it gave me a warning message saying it was going to slow down my performance big time. I did not see any performance loss.

Currently playing this game maxed out averaging around 25-50 FPS with or with out Physx.

I noticed with Physx, you have paper moving on the ground, more things are breakable, everything is just more interactive.

I am just confused because I would think that Physx would give me a huge performance drop.
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    Card name?
  2. celpas said:
    Card name?

    ATI 5730 HD mobility, 1GB.

    ASUS N61JQ-X1|Intel Core i7 720QM 1.60, Turbo Boost to 2.8GHz|8B RAM DDR3 1366|320GB HDD 7200rpm|ATI Mobility HD 5730 1GB DDR3

    Not sure why it is not showing my signature.
  3. what version is the game right now? is it v1.1? did they look like this:
  4. I am very sorry. But I made a big mistake. It turns out that the areas I was in did not really use Physx as much. Then I went into this other area where they had alot of Physx effects like steam and smoke, and bam, my FPS went down to 10 and the game as alot slower as well.

    Very sorry once again.

    It looks like my system was able to handle the dynamic paper, and interactive objects, but not the smoke.
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