Flashed Bios now computer won't post.

I flashed my bios recently because I was getting lots of blue screens and it was getting really annoyng. I used the manufacturers iso version 1.3 to flash it but it seemed to only make it worse. I then tried to flash it myself to an older version of the bios 1.0 It said everything was successful so i restarted but when i restarted the computer gets stuck at the oem logo where the only choices are to post or enter bios setup but the screen is frozen and it won't let me choose either one. My keyboard and mouse have power so I know that's not the problem. Also when i start it up the fan revs up then runs really quiet for a second and does this twice then stays at a constant rate. How can I fix this is? Is my mobo dead?
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  1. Maybe , but it's too early to tell ,what I would do is if you have a clear cmos button you should do that, if the motherboard has dual bios then you can switch to the other bios chip by changing the jumpers on the MB. If there is no clear cmos button then you can unplug the power supply and pull the cmos battery out and press the power button for more than 10 seconds. Then connect it all back up and try starting the Pc ad see what happens. By changing bios chips you will have a different bios file and it should start up normal or at least be able to get into the bios to make changes and load an updated bios file.
  2. I tried setting the jumper it did the same thing and I took out the cmos battery and still get the same problem. Today the power wasn't working at all so I tried out a new psu the power worked but still the computer would not post :( I'm about to just give up and let it collect dust in a corner.
  3. How long have you had the motherboard? Do you still have warranty on it so you can do a RMA to send the board back to the manufacturer to be fixed.
  4. I flashed a MB a couple of years ago and bricked it. It was still under warranty, soi I got lucky and only had to ship it to them for repair.
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