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PSU Buzz/squeal coming though speakers

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December 25, 2011 7:10:18 PM

Hello problem solvers.

I recently built a computer and I am getting a buzz/squeal in my speakers, but only when plugged into the rear on-board audio jack. This doesn't happen at all when using the front jacks.

Its most obvious in games but can be heard (barely) when moving windows around on the desktop and switching tabs in a browser.
The pitch of the noise seems to be directly tied to the FPS in games.

If I Stick my ear the the back of my PSU I can hear a faint buzzing that seems to be the same in pitch as the one coming though my speakers.

So far I changed my graphics card and my PSU. Originally I had a HIS 6950 2gb Iceq x turbo which I swapped for a Asus dcii 6950 2gb. Then I swapped my Corsair TX850M PSU For a Corsair HX750W. These swaps haven't seemed to help.

By turning the volume down on my speakers and cranking it in windows and the game I can hide the buzz. this, however, isn't a fix in my opinion and cant really be done with headphones.
Vsync helps in menus where FPS runs wild, but the buzzing occurs at 60Fps also, its just lower in pitch and thus is easier to mask.

I am hoping that i wont have to swap my motherboard, is there any other ideas as to what may be causing this very annoying interference. I can live with a faint PSU squeal; I cant live with it coming though my speakers.

My Current system:
Motherboard:-P8 Z68-v/gen3
Processor:-i5 2500k (stock cooler&clocks)
GPU:-Asus dcii 6950 2Gb
Memory:-G-Skill Ripjaws X 8GB 1600Mhz
PSU:-Corsiar HX750W
Case:-Corsair Carbide 500R
SSD:-Corsair Force series 90Gb
HDD:-WD Green Power 500Gb

Thank you
December 26, 2011 3:21:51 AM

Id say its white noise from the onboard audio. Just not properly shielded. Now the front jack probably isnt connected straight to where the back jack is.

Then your case might not be grounded right. You can get a long piece of metal. Lay it on a metal part of the case on the side. Stretching away from the case.
While having earphones on, see if it goes away. Or simply touch the case yourself. See if it goes away.
Then you can move the wire around also, see if it goes away with headphones on.

Then if your comparing the back plug to the front plug. Are you using the same cord to connect your headphones? If not try the one that is having the problems.

If anything you could always just buy a dedicated sound card. Instead of swapping out the mobo, for onboard audio. I prefer sound cards.
a b ) Power supply
January 2, 2012 1:47:49 AM

The long piece of metal idea didn't work.
I I've checked the mobo everywhere for bad ground or even any unwanted grounds and still nothing.
I've put the video card in a different pci-e slot and still nothing.
Moving the wire doesn't help.
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