I5-2500k and ram compatibility

In the i5-2500k's specs, it says it supports 1066 and 1333 mhz ram, but I see a lot of people use the 1600 mhz rams, does that cause system instability or anything? does it really make a difference in performance to own the 1600 ram compared to 1333?

(right now I'm using an i5-760 with corsair dominator 1600 mhz 1.65v ram and my computer does freeze randomly about once or twice a day so i'm wondering if getting an i5-2500k and 1333 ram and new mobo might fix the problem. it might also be the video card though who knows.)
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  1. Faster DDR3 RAM makes hardly any system performance difference. You can run Memtest86+ from a floppy, CD or flash drive to check the RAM. Trying to run RAM faster than 1333 Mhz. could cause instability.
  2. The memory controller on the cpu supports 1333 MHz , 1.5 volt RAM

    But the reason you are getting a "K" sku part is to Over clock
    1600 MHz RAM lets you OC the RAM and/ or tighten timings at 1333 MHz without using more voltage [which can dmage the processor ]

    Use 1600MHz IMO .
  3. So if you buy 1600 1.5v MHz ram, such as the vengeance, you have to overclock the i5-2500k for the system to be 100% stable? Or are you saying that you can underclock the 1600 mhz ram to 1333 mhz and not overclock the cpu and it will be stable?
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