Only static coming from speakers.

My speakers are only playing static. I'm running onboard sound from an ASUS m2n-sli. The static is coming from both my speaker jack on the back of the PC and my headphone jack on the front. I'm thinking it might be a driver issue but there is no Windows 7 Audio driver available for that motherboard and the Windows Vista driver won't install; I just get an error saying it's not compatible with my OS.
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    As the responder says in this forum you just need a driver for the chipset and you can get one on the Asus site. I have done this before myself when looking for a driver and I looked for the chipset on another motherboard and found one and downloaded that driver and it woirked. You can also try this site.
  2. Right. I need a driver for the CM6501. There is no windows 7 version available. Drivers for any other OS aren't working, that's when I get the error. Are you saying I can d/l any of the drivers as long as it's C-Media? Weird thing is, this just started last night while watching a movie. I hadn't made any changes. I'm wondering if my onboard sound is just fried and maybe I should buy a sound card. The MoBo is pretty dated.
  3. That is an option if you want to go with that.
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