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hi evryone i need your help to build a htpc gaming. been looking all over but i cannot find a case suitable.
please feel free to ammend my choice of components as i am really not sure, but confident in building it myself.
my main concern is if this case supports the 2600k and heat.

Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Memory Module CL9 1.5V £28x4

Shuttle SX58H7 PRO for Intel i7 SandyBridge £416.90

Corsair 120GB Force 3 SSD 2.5" SATA-III 6Gb/s Read = 550MB/s, Write = 510MB/s £132

Palit GTX 580 3GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DP Out PCI-E Graphics Card includes FREE Batman Arkham City download £397.66

Samsung SH-B123L 12x BD-ROM DVD±RW DL & RAM Lightscribe SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black £44.99

Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor £237

i was about to place the order but abit doutful. cheers!
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  1. I think you'd be insane to try fitting a gtx 580 in to that shuttle case

    Its possible to use a micro ATX case with good cooling though
    for gaming , even with that much power and heat .

    But whether its quiet enough for htpc use is another question .
    A gtx 580 is only truly quiet if its another room
  2. Thank you for bringing it to my attention 580 being loud, I went for it as it had good reviews. Can you reccomend a card or 2. as for the case you linked me to is abit too big for to sit under the tv. I've been a console gamer and not sure what card or case to go for. Will the zalman hd03 be better and a gtx 560ti. I want to be able to play crysis 2 and FIFA 12. Cheers!
  3. Hi ali2ki, I am new to Tom's Hardware. However, I built a multipurpose pc about a year ago. I use it as an HTPC under my 37" LCD tv. I used the cooler master elite 360 case. It is a cheap case, ($30.00 at Fry's in the U.S.) but it can sit horizontally under your t.v. on a shelf. I have a micoATX mobo, 2 hard drives (dual booting win7 and win8 dev preview), an Asus BD/DVD drive, Thermaltake TR2 430w PSU (ATX PSU), and an HIS5670 graphics card. I added one additional fan and have an external drive, as well, for media storage. I have the sound connected to my old Kenwood stereo receiver (20 years old, but still rocks!) I have Split Second game installed, as well. It is fairly quiet. I rarely hear any fans. The only problem you might find with the Cooler Master elite 360 case is a limitation on how long your graphics card can be. The PSU is mounted in the front of the case (the graphics card would be right behind the PSU). You may, also, need to purchase software to play Blu rays. I use WinDVD 2010pro and am happy with it. Hope all goes well for you.
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