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Im confused about the dvi single link and dual link for daul monitors

im building a new build and my monitors come with dvi cable no link specified and im getting three if them so will the links matter or can i just plug them in an play
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  1. Go ahead, and use the cable; it's not going to harm.
  2. thanks so the single and dual link means nothing really
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    The simple answer is yes it does matter.

    As its name suggests, dual link has two physical digital data transmission channels where single link only has one. The practical outcome of this is that with single link you are limited to a data bandwidth of just over 4gb/s. This means that on single link you have a maximum colour depth, refresh rate and resolution displayable (the higher the resolution you chose, the lower the colour depth and refresh rate that can be displayed etc.) For most applications this means 1920x1200 at normal refresh and colour depth.

    Obviously, for larger monitors you will need dual link to adequately feed the data to run them.

    This wikipedia article gives good info: here

    Hope that helps - vote me if it does


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  5. thanks well im using 21.5 inch at 1920x1080 so it should work well i guess
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