Computer Black screen can't fix it !

Hello everyone,

Here is a tough one ! I tried to resolve my problem for weeks now, worked on it for like 70 hours without any solution found !
I am really desperate, I will try to describe the problem the best that I can !

I have a computer that does't stop giving me problems, basically:
- The video will turn off (no more signal to the monitor)
- Still have sound 3/4 of the time for 5-15 seconds until it shuts down
- Half the time my cpu fan will go at crazy speed (100%) when it happens
- It can happen ANYTIME !!! (gaming, iddle, browsing, watching a movie, even in BIOS, in SAFEMODE, ALWAYS)
- It can happens 2- times in a hour as it can happen only once or twice, but it does always happen.

Sometimes when trying to restart my fan would change speed each 3 seconds going to full to low to medium in a weird way and nothing was appearing on the screen, i could restart it multiples times before having something come up.

2-3 times (out of like 300 restarts) I had a message appear in the kind of "The system wasnt able to boot due to some hardware change or overclocking blablabla" with the frequency or voltages of some parts shown below the message. I never overclocked my computer I used it at normal settings.

I added a new SSD there about one week before the problem started but it worked great for a week, when going back to my HDD the problem was still there (OS wise). I have tried thousands of things to fix it with my friend who is an computer engineer, here is a topo of what I have done:

Tested the video with Furmark and 3Dmark, out of 5 tests on 3Dmark 3 of them were successful and 2 I had the blank screen problem (on 2 totally different parts of the test) so I figure this is not the problem since 60% if the time it was successful.

Tested the RAM with Memtest86+, when I tested both my 2X4gb it crashed before 5 min into the test (4 times) BUT I was able to test them separately WITHOUT having any black screen for about 6hours and 8hours I stopped the tests myself. But sadly I kept having the same problem while trying to do stuff with only 1X4gb in. (Maybee a motherboard issue with the RAMS ?)

I ran a CPU test with PRIME95, everything went perfectly good results.

My guess is my motherboard is at the origin of the problem but I don't know how to fix it or be sure of it.

Thanks alot for any help, If you need any other information or tips of anykind feel free to post it or message me at :

memory: Patriot Viper Xtreme 8GB 2X4GB DDR3 1866MHZ PC3-15000 9-11-9-27 1.65V XMP Ready Desktop Memory Kit
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA3 6GB/S 7200RPM 64MB Cache 3.5IN Dual Proc Hard Drive OEM
SDD: OCZ Agility 3 120GB 2.5in SATA3 Sandforce SF-2281 SSD Solid State Disk Flash Drive
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K Unlocked Quad Core CPU
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3
PSU: OCZ ZX Series 850W ATX12V 24PIN Active PFC 80 Plus Gold 70A Power Supply 140MM Fan Black 5 Yr Wrty
GPU: HIS Radeon HD 6970 Iceq Turbo 900MHZ 2GB 5.6GHZ GDDR5 2xDVI 2XMINIDP HDMI PCI-E Video Card
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  1. Check your wall outlet for proper voltage, make sure you do not have a floating ground problem.
  2. If the voltage from my wall outlet isn't good is this fixable using a good surge protector ? And what exactly is a "floating ground" ?
    Thank you for the answer ! I will get myself something to check the current and will do ASAP
  3. Just go to a local hardware store and ask for an outlet circut tester to make sure your wall outlet is working properly or wired properly, very inexpensive. As for a floating ground try this link,
  4. I had an RMA approved today for my motherboard, I will see if my new one will do the trick in 2-3 weeks. If it doesnt I will do all that you suggested. Thanks a lot for your help I will keep news posted :)

    Thanks again :D
  5. Hello

    I finally received my motherboard from the RMA yesterday, worked well the first day, gamed for about 5 hours, crashed 4 times the other day, exactly the same problem,,,

    My friend came over to check my voltage with his instrument and said everything was fine,

    I am very desperate I have lost so much time trying to fix it I have no idea what I can do no ....

    I just want to cry haha :(
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    Try different PCIe sockets on the power supply to see if it makes a difference. Also make sure there are no pushed pins on on the 24 pin connector on both ends.
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  8. Solved !

    I switched all the sockets where my wires were plugged in the powersupply (except the ATX since there's only one) and after a full week of intense gaming, browsing and working it did not crash even once !

    Seems like the problem must have been a bad voltage in one of the PCIe sockets,

    Thank you very much, this solved a big problem I worked months to get rid off!

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