Fans and CPU power question on Asrock B75M-GL mobo.

I have a few questions, I'm trying to build my computer myself this time around and I'm having a problem with the fans that come with the Antec one case. There's 2 fans included, with 3 pins connections but on my ASRock B75M-GL motherboard there's 1 3 pin connector for PWR_fan and 1 4 pin connector for CHA_Fan on it so I'm clueless as to what I have to do.

On the antec one casing there's a fan on top of the case and one behind the case with both 3 pin connectors, how do I connect them since I only have one 3 pin connector, and what is the CHA_FAN with 4 pin connector for?

Also, in the guide I'm following, it says to power the CPU with a 8 pin ATX connector from the power supply, on my mobo, it only has a 4 pin ATX connection wich I connected, is that alright?

Thank you very much, stressfull to do it for the first time :)
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  1. Found it, how do I solve the thread? :)
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