Would a pentium dual core e6700 3.2ghz cpu bottleneck the gtx560ti

i have a dual core e6700 and a gt440 2gb.
i want to buy a gtx560ti twin frozr msi. (http://www.pixmania.nl/nl/nl/8811696/art/msi/geforce-gtx-560-ti-twin-f.html)
would my cpu bottleneck this card?
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  1. specs:
    intel pentium dual core e6700 3.2ghrz
    4gb ram
    club 3d gt440 2gb (96 cuda cores)
    foxconn g4imxp ddr3 socket lga775 motherboard
  2. There will be a small bottleneck @ 3.2GHz, but if you OC your CPU to 3.6GHz there will be no bottleneck. Also check that your PSU can handle a GTX560.
  3. thanks. what is the best way to overclock and do you know a good program to use?
    my english may suck cuz i'm from holland :)
  4. there will still be bottlenecking regardless of overclock. Spend your money to upgrade to something current. Such as an i3-2100 and an asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3.
  5. -+-why dont you save up the money and go for something midrange...like an i3 2100+h61 and a 5770 or if you can add more, a 5790 or 6850?? your olg gen processor will most likely bottleneck a 560Ti.
  6. massive bottleneck in some games etc i have my q9400 o'ced to 3.4 and i still get cpu bottlenecked with my 6950 similar speed to the 560ti, as stated below get a I3 2100 if your on a budget im getting a 2500k though on wednesday. just read game fps in the hardware reviews on toms just compare amd to the intel for fps you'll get the picture real quick (and theyre amd's top shelf products!!!!)
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