Could i underclock the ram to be within spec??

I have a p55 chipset that supports up to 1333mhz ram so i currently have 2x2gb of that.
i want to get 2x4gb sticks. so i'm thinking can i get some ram that is faster than 1333mhz then underclock so i can de-underclock (?) it when i upgrade chipset to support faster ram in the future?

i has core i5 650 OC @4ghz and foxconn p55a board - very shabby.

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  1. If that makes sense...
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    You do not have to underclock the ram in order to use it , if you put the 1600mhz ram in then the motherboards bios will automaticly clock it at the default speed which is either 1066mhz or 1333mhz.
    If that makes sense...

    My head is still spinning. :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  4. ooh that is sweat... thankyou!
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