Could use some advice

I'm going to ask this in the recommended way.

I'm building a new gaming system, and i could use some advice

Approximate purchase date: ~16th october 2011

Budget range: up to 900€

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, watching movies

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Don't know if you guys can visit this page, im using it because it's local to me

Country of Origin: Estonia

Parts Preferences:
CPU = Intel, AMD Phenom x4 series
GPU = Nvidia

Overclocking: Only when i find performance not satisfying (40+ frames)

SLI or Crossfire: No ( My monitor doesn't have extreme resolution, nor am i running eyefinity so i don't feel the need for this )

Monitor Resolution: Currently 1280x1024 ( Might go for 1600x1200 or 1680x1050 if i feel like it )

Parts i already have in mind
GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 Ti
CPU: Can't decide between Intel i5, Intel i7 and AMD Phenom x4 955 Black edition
PSU: Club 3D CSP-S600 ( Still thinking about this, i want a PSU that can provide my system as much power as it needs, i've experienced the difference between a cheap 500w and a good 355w PSU's, the lower wattage one has less power, yes, but in gaming it was much more efficient )
RAM: For RAM i'm thinking 2 DDR3 4 GB 1333 MHz Apacer
Hard drive: 1TB WD SATA3 5400..7200 64M GP
Cooling: No idea, need help on that one :P
Motherboard: No idea, need help on that one :P

Thank you for feedback in advance, all suggestions and questions are welcome.
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  1. Because your resolution is so low even a cheaper Phenom will run any game at maximum settings when you combine it with the 560 ti.
    AMD are replacing phenom on october 12 [ probably] with Bulldozer . I would wait till then to decide

    Either way modern 32 nm cpu's need RAM that runs at 1.5 volt . 2 x2 gig is plenty for gaming and almost all other uses except video and high end photographic work .

    I havent heard of your PSU , but agree that quality is essential for this part

    The fastest 1 terabyte hard drive is the Samsung F3
  2. A Tom's article a while back decided that 8gb of RAM was worth having for gaming.

    IMO, a larger monitor is a must for this build. Otherwise you just won't appreciate the 560 Ti.

    The 955 would do fine for now, but a 2500K would last you a long time.
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